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As an existing client of International Student Insurance, you have access to a wealth of insurance information to help you effectively manage your insurance plan. This Student Zone is designed for International Medical Group (IMG) customers who have purchased either the Student Health Advantage, Patriot Travel, or Patriot Exchange insurance product.

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The Student Zone provides you with the ability to manage your international student health and travel insurance that you purchased with us. The account feature is available 24 hours a day, so as long as you have access to the internet, you can login and perform tasks such as:

  • Renewal of coverage
  • Download a replacement ID Card
  • Download a letter for your visa application
  • View and update pending claims
  • Update your personal details
  • and much more…

Access to the Student Zone is available to all clients, however, please allow a few hours after purchasing your plan before accessing the service.

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View Claim Forms

For every new injury and illness you have (even if the provider is billing directly to the claims team), you will need to submit the following documents:

  1. Fully completed claim form. You will also need to complete the accident form if your visit to the doctor was the result of an accident. (download links below)
  2. Copy of photo page of your passport
  3. Copy of your I-20 or DS2019, if applicable
  4. Copy of your visa in your passport

We recommend that you scan all these documents, or take a picture with your phone, and email them to the claims team for faster processing. They can be emailed to

Main Claim Form
Injury Accident Claim Form

Seeking Treament

Step 1

For non-emergency medical care (i.e., flu, cold, minor injury, etc.), please visit a local doctor, urgent care center or walk-in medical clinic. If you need emergency care (such as a life-threatening injury or illness), go to the nearest hospital emergency room or call the emergency services (911 in the US) for immediate assistance. Providers can be located using our online provider search tool, or you can call the assistance number on your ID card for help. Doctors will require an appointment, while clinics and urgent care centers may let you walk in for immediate assistance.

Please note: Do not go to the emergency room if you do not have a true emergency as there may be an additional deductible.

Step 2

When you arrive, be sure to show your insurance ID card and inform them that your insurance is part of the UnitedHealthcare Network (the logo is on your insurance ID Card).

Please note: If you do not have your ID card with you, contact the provider after your appointment and provide them with your insurance details.

Step 3

In-network providers are typically able to bill directly, so you will just need to pay your deductible, and the bills will be sent direct for processing by the claims team. Out-of-network providers may ask for payment upfront, in which case you will need to pay the provider and then submit a claim form for reimbursement. Prescriptions filled at the pharmacy are always by reimbursement only.

Immediately after seeking treatment, complete a claim form, and email this, along with your itemized receipts/bills and a copy of your visa/passport, to for processing.